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Update to Luther’s Small Catechism in Tinycards!

Joe Willmann Teaching the Faith at Home 1 Comment

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Last year, Concordia Publishing House released Luther’s Small Catechism flash cards in the digital learning system Tinycards by Duolingo. The app has great features to help you learn the text of the Small Catechism by heart. The only downside was that Tinycards was only available if you had an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. But that has now changed.

Tinycards has just released all of the functionality of their great iOS app in a wonderful Web platform: tinycards.duolingo.com. Now you can learn the Small Catechism or from many of the great packs available in any Web-enabled environment, whether that is a desktop computer, an Android device, or a Kindle.

To get started, follow the link above, create an account, and search for Concordia Publishing House inside the app, follow us, and get started learning the Six Chief Parts of our faith.

The original, free iOS app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is still available in the Apple App Store. (Search for “Tinycards.”)


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Joe Willmann


Joe Willmann is the Senior Instructional Designer for Concordia Publishing House in St. Louis, MO. A former teacher and administrator, Joe has a passion for education and learning theory. He earned his Bachelor's Degree from Ball State University and his Master's Degree from Concordia University - Ann Arbor. He lives with his wife, Nicole, his daughter Ava, and his son Carter. You can read his latest posts here.

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