The Beauty of the Sung Word

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When it comes to spending time in God’s Word with your family, there are few things more joyful than joining each other in song, especially in the historic hymns of the faith. These songs and canticles allow us to focus on the truths that Scripture proclaims. They also do an amazing job of teaching our children.

I don’t know what it is about the nature of the sung Word that has such a profound and lasting effect, but it is truly amazing. Many pastors recount visits with people struggling with dementia who while they might not even recognize the pastor, come to life and join in when he starts singing a part of the liturgy. The hymns and canticles they learned in their youth stay with them to this day.

I can be honest with all of you here and admit that I am intimidated by singing. I have a musical background, but it is all instrumental, not vocal. We have some very talented vocalists in our church and here at CPH. I am nervous to sing around them because they are all so good! Now imagine this trepidation taken into the home and teaching my children. To sing with them means that I have to lead. It means that when I’m off-pitch, we all notice it. It can be uncomfortable.

The Beauty in the Daily Offices

While I love all of the Divine Service settings that are offered in Lutheran Service Book, I have found the beauty of the Daily Offices to be unmatched. See what I’m talking about below:

I know for a lot of people the thought of singing with their family, in most situations acapella, is scary. I’m with you in this feeling. This feeling can lead a lot of us to stay away from singing together.

The truth, however, is that your kids don’t care if you sing off-pitch. They just like singing! More than just singing, they like singing with you.

So let me help you get over the hump and get started singing with your family.

Pull out your Lutheran Service Book or Treasury of Daily Prayer and turn to Evening Prayer.

The first thing to do is to practice each element of the Office. This doesn’t have to be formal, just time with your family learning the song. Once you and your family are starting to feel comfortable with the music, you can start incorporating the entire service in your devotional life at home.

I’ve included audio for every sung section of Evening Prayer below for your use. You can also order a CD from CPH with all of the Daily Offices here.

Service of Light





God’s blessings as you teach your children the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints. Jude 1:3 ESV

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Mark Wenthe
Mark Wenthe
4 years ago

God tells@us to sing songs to the Lord🎼🎹. My greatest joy of singing was at a Promise Keepers in Denver. CO. The Mile High Stadium was@filled with 70.000 souls. mainly men singing at the top of there voices. The local radio and TV stations were flooded with calls about where the inspiring music was coming from. The Glory To God had carried miles away and effected thousands of people who had no idea where it came from. I knew it had come from on High and God had Blessed the song. Many years later, I can still close my eyes… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  Mark Wenthe

The Bible says to sing a “New” song… Joyously…