Teaching the Catechism to Preschoolers

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I have always loved word-association games. You know, where someone says a word or phrase, and then you respond with the first word that pops into your head:

Football, Peyton Manning

School, Ball State

Ice, Water

I think you get the point.

What if we were to play this game with Lutherans?

Luther’s Small Catechism, __________________

What would fill in the blank? I’m guessing most Lutherans would say the word confirmation.

While the Rite of Confirmation is important, Luther’s Small Catechism was not written as a text for a specific period of time in a person’s life. At the beginning of each of the Six Chief Parts is an exhortation saying, in one form or another, how the head of the family should teach this material to his household. We know that the words of the Small Catechism are important. They are important enough that we should teach them to our whole household, not just our seventh and eighth graders.

Teaching the catechism to preschoolers? Absolutely. Over the next six weeks, I will share tips with you about how to teach this material to your preschoolers, providing activities and teaching strategies to help your little ones learn this material by heart.

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