Resolutions and the Christian Parent

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Ah, the always popular and never finished New Year’s resolution. We all make New Year’s resolutions—even if only subconsciously, right? The fresh start of a new year causes us to think of something we might change, fix, or begin again. From my coaching life, I would equate it to the phrase “Control what you can control.” And while many New Year’s resolutions fail, mainly because real change comes only with lifestyle changes and not through quick fixes, let’s take this time to reflect on our teaching practices in the home and then ask ourselves this question:

How might we better serve our children’s knowledge and understanding of their Christian faith?

Four “Resolutions” We All Can Get Behind

Many of us have weight-loss or reading goals, or goals to put down our phones and turn off Facebook. But let me present four practices we can use to shape our lives as we teach our children about their Savior, Jesus Christ.

Read the Scripture to your children, daily. #LutheranResolutions Click To Tweet

If there is something I fail at, it is this. The day gets busy, bedtime is later than normal, or I just want some time to myself. It is easy to skip reading Scripture to your children. And while this can be easy to skip, we must teach our children about the truth of Scripture. I recommend using the following resources: The Story Bible, 120 Bible Stories, or Treasury of Daily Prayer.

Read one section of the Small Catechism to your children, daily. #LutheranResolutions Click To Tweet

Often considered the Layman’s Bible, Luther’s Small Catechism teaches us the Six Chief Parts of Christian Doctrine. A teaching and devotional resource divided into short sections, the catechism allows you to teach your children the faith each day in small chunks. While it may seem intimidating at first, you can read through each section in just a few short minutes. There is even an app for that! (Apple, Android)

Pray with your family, daily. #LutheranResolutions Click To Tweet

Pray for each other, together. Pray together for your children’s teachers and friends. Pray for your pastor. Pray the Lord’s Prayer. Pray the daily prayers Luther taught in the catechism. In short, spend time in prayer with each other, daily.

Take your children to the Divine Service, every week. #LutheranResolutions Click To Tweet

Take your children to receive God’s gifts. Rejoice in the reception of those gifts, together. Sing our wonderful hymns, together. Attend Sunday School and Bible study, together.


These resolutions aren’t groundbreaking. In fact, they aren’t really even resolutions. All they are, are the things we have been tasked by God to do in serving our families. Will we fail at them? The unfortunate truth is yes, we will fail. There will be a day that you skip reading the Bible together. Luther’s Small Catechism will be set to the side. Prayer will be replaced with a rushed trip to the grocery store after a burned meal. A sick child will keep you home from the Divine Service. We all fail. That does not mean that we just go on, neglecting out duties. When the mirror of the Law shows us our sin, we don’t continue in it. We stay away from it! More so, we rejoice in the faith that God has given us and the promises we received in our Baptism.

God’s blessings as you teach your children the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints (Jude 1:3 ESV).


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