How Adults Can Memorize the Catechism

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Our last post discussed the “why” of memorizing the Small Catechism. If you still aren’t convinced, go check it out here.

If you are still reading, I’ll assume that means you have been convinced that memorizing this text as an adult is a good thing. So let’s jump into some different ideas for how you can help yourself learn the text of the Small Catechism.

Memorization with Flash Cards

For a long time, flash cards have been a tried and true method of memorization. From math facts to conjugating Spanish verbs, flash cards are a way to learn and then reinforce information you need to remember.

Memorization by Writing

Have you ever found that writing something down helps you remember it, even if you never look at your notes again? That’s because the act of writing out the text you are trying to memorize facilitates the learning process.

Try this: Write out some of the text you are trying to memorize ten times. The next day, see if you can write the text from memory. If you can, then move on to the next bit of information to memorize. If you can’t recall the text sufficiently, write the text out another ten times, and try again the following day.

Memorization by Reading

Let me challenge you with this: Don’t just read the Small Catechism, read it every day!

By constantly hearing the words of truth, you will eventually learn them by heart. It is an easy addition to your devotional life. Just read one small part of the catechism every day. You can take it one step further and read it with your family every day. By reading a part of the catechism every day to your children, you will not only help yourself to learn the text, but you will also help your children to learn these essential teachings of the Christian faith.

How Does Concordia Publishing House Help?

From print to digital, CPH has you covered when it comes to the Small Catechism. Our goal is to make sure you are equipped with the best resources to learn and teach the faith. See below for all of the ways you can interact with this important text.


There are books every Lutheran home should have: a Bible, a catechism, a hymnal, and a Book of Concord. While the following books are some of the finest resources CPH produces, each also has the text of the Small Catechism in it as well.

If you want to dive even deeper, CPH offers two essential libraries for your choosing:


In June, Concordia Publishing House released a free set of both memory cards and flash cards. They are printer friendly and ready to use! Check them out here.

Digital: App


CPH offers a free app for Luther’s Small Catechism in both the iOS and Android app stores. Download it to take the Small Catechism with you wherever you go!

Digital: Amazon Alexa Skill
FB cover

Do you have an Amazon Echo, Tap, Dot, or Fire TV? If so, you have access to interact with the Small Catechism as an Alexa Skill. Click here to learn more.

Digital: NEW TODAY!!!


CPH is excited to announce that we are offering six modules inside of the Tinycards app by Duolingo. These interactive digital flash cards will not only help you learn the text, they will quiz you along the way as well! The app is currently available only on iOS, but it will be available soon on Android.

Click here to download the iOS App.

  • Once you have it installed, search for “Concordia Publishing House” and follow us for the most up-to-date packs.


Click a link below to try a specific pack of cards to start learning!

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Michael Mohr
Michael Mohr

Another way to keep yourself sharp on the text of the Catechism is volunteer to help pastor with the memory work for his junior students. Even with a small class and an assignment for a text I didn’t have solid (some of the hymn stanzas assigned while filling in for a vacancy at a nearby parish school, for example), by the time I was done grading, I had it down pat!

Angela Nelson
Angela Nelson

I’m really surprised that the article doesn’t mention the Small Catechsim set to music as “Sing the Faith” – especially since it is a CPH product. No matter that it is sung by children, it makes it very easy for anyone to learn (I listen/sing with my kids on the way to school.) At this rate by the time my oldest is confirmed next spring I think my younger kids will be well on their way to having it memorized too.