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Christ in the Midst of Chaos

Mary Laesch Teaching the Faith at Home Leave a Comment

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No sooner had I taken the last bite of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving evening than the chaos began—the pre-Christmas chaos, that is. Slick Black Friday ads, looking like small magazines, were dropped on our doorstep. The kids swept them up and began devouring them, circling this and underlining that. In the days that followed, Christmas decorations were dragged out, a tree was constructed, ornaments were picked through, and stockings were hung. Parties were planned, cards ordered, questions hung in the air, “What do you want for Christ-” . . .

Wait a minute. What was that? Christ. Where is Christ in the midst of all this pre-Christmas chaos?

Of course, He’s right here with us. He always has been. Sometimes we just lose sight of Him, the One whose coming we are so frantically preparing for. As we begin this Advent season, here are some ways that we can keep Christ as the focus.

  • Celebrate Advent! The word advent is from the Latin word for “coming.” It describes the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ into our world in the flesh. Use the video above to teach your family about this special season.
  • Set up an Advent wreath. The Advent wreath is traditionally an evergreen wreath (symbolizing the eternal love of God) holding four candles—three purple and one pink. The light of the candles remind us that Jesus, the Light of the World, came to drive away the darkness of sin (John 1:4–5). Each week another candle is lit, bringing more light as we draw nearer to His coming at Christmas.
  • Have daily family Advent devotions together. You can download a free family devotional here or pick up a copy of Counting to Christmas: Family Advent Devotions and Calendar. This a wonderful Advent devotion book helps the whole family focus on Christ’s coming. Plus, there is a lift-a-flap Advent calendar in the book to mark the journey through Advent!

God bless you and your family as you celebrate together the coming of Christ, our Savior!

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Mary Laesch

Mary Laesch is an editor at Concordia Publishing House who loves to read, write, and learn new things, especially when they have to do with sharing Jesus. She has served in children's ministry for more than 15 years. Mary was trained as a deaconess at Concordia University, Chicago, and has a graduate degree from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. She and her husband, Ted, have been blessed with four boys and a girl.

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