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If your home is anything like mine, it is filled with books. Before my wife started staying at home with our children, she taught second grade. If you know anything about elementary school teachers, you know their passion for children may only be outdone by their passion for getting those children to read. We have bookshelves filled with books on every floor of our house.

Getting to know the series of books that entice our early readers today has been a blast! I especially love the Elephant and Piggie series from Mo Willems. Here is a link to my favorite title in the series so far. (In all seriousness, the next time you are at the library, just go visit the children’s section and read a few of these. It will make you wish you were a child again!)

With all the great reads out there, though, it’s still a challenge to find great titles that teach our little ones about our Christian faith. Sure, Barnes & Noble may have a section labeled Christian, and Family Christian may seem like a convenient stop, but have you looked at what they have to offer? (If I find another book that includes the words destiny, best life, activate, or purpose, I might lose it.)

I’ve put together a list of “Must Haves” for the libraries of discerning Christian families. My hope is to not be comprehensive, but to give you some great things to try to read in 2017.

For Infants

My Gifts from God

Jesus Rose on Easter Morn

My Church Words Book

For Toddlers

God’s Own Child, I Gladly Say It

Whisper, Whisper

Arch Books

For Early Readers

The Hear Me Read Bible

Happy Times

God, I Need to Talk to You About . . .

For Young Adults

The Messengers: Discovered

Not-So-Nice Bible Stories: Gory Deaths

Luther: Echoes of the Hammer

For Mom

Anthems of Zion Series

LadyLike: Living Biblically

Love Rules

For Dad

Man Up!

The Executioner’s Redemption

Standing Firm

For Everyone

Being Lutheran

Reading Romans with Luther

Has American Christianity Failed?

God’s blessings as you teach your children the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints (Jude 1:3 ESV).


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