Paul’s Letters—Unit 9

Grade 8—Unit 9

iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, WeVideo, etc.

Reference Material:
Lesson 100


  • Recognize examples of Law and Gospel in the Pauline Epistles.
  • Describe the power of the Gospel, through which the Holy Spirit works to create and sustain faith.
  • Apply the messages of the Epistles to our life.

Duration of Project:
This project can take one to three weeks. It all depends on how much time you give your students at the end of the year.

Put students in groups of four, and have them create a video using the script found in Lesson 100 on pages 206–207 of the Student Book.

Have students rehearse and then film their act. Once they have filmed the act, have them edit the video and insert text where it would be appropriate.

When your students are done editing, share the video using this hashtag: #CPHed.

This may seem easy to students because of the fun nature of the project. Also, much of the content has been prepared for them already. However, remind students how much effort can go into creating and editing a video. Encourage students to start early, and challenge them to use creativity and careful editing to create a professional project that clearly shares Law and Gospel.

Digital Citizenship Connection:
As students create their videos, they will probably include some digital imagery. If you haven’t already introduced them to Creative Commons and the different types of licenses, do so now. Then have students use the Google advanced image search to limit their results to images licensed under CC.

This is one of the easier projects, but seeing as it is the end of the school year and you are probably scrambling to do a lot of different things to finish the year, this lesson will provide an appropriate amount of substance and learning, while at the same time being self-directed.

Group projects may not mean that everyone does the same tasks. Encourage students to acknowledge individual gifts and to utilize them here. Who has a good sense of direction? Perhaps they can be a team leader. Good tech skills? They may like to polish the video. Those with drama experience may speak more or help coach others. Work with your class ahead of time to articulate these possibilities.