Inquisitive Nicodemus—Unit 5

Grade 8—Unit 5

Wikis, such as Wikispaces, or Forum in your LMS

Reference Material:
Resources will vary based on students’ questions.


  • Acknowledge with joy the saving faith that the Holy Spirit works in human hearts.
  • Thank God for calling us to faith and preserving us in that faith.

Duration of Project:
If done correctly, this could be an ongoing project with time set aside each week for students to contribute.

As we read in the theme of this unit, students will be challenged to take on the role of Nicodemus and ask questions about spiritual things.

Create a shared wiki (or a forum in your LMS) for your students to post their theological questions, and encourage them to help answer one another’s questions. As the educator, it is your task to validate answers and guide discussions toward the truth. Also, reach out to pastors and other church workers to participate in helping students answer their questions! Find resources such as podcasts or YouTube videos that answers students’ questions and share them in the wiki as well.

If you feel adventurous, consider partnering with another LCMS school and set up a shared wiki between your classes!

Digital Citizenship Connection:
Sometimes, online communication can be very negative and argumentative. The term keyboard warrior is used for someone who acts very aggressively in his or her online persona. This is something to avoid!

Because your students may be asking questions that elicit deep conversation, be on guard to make sure that students are staying on topic and being respectful to one another. Remind your students to be especially aware of what they post and how it could be perceived. This could also be a good time to review the online communication expectations you set in Unit 1.

To differentiate in this unit, make sure that students without a strong theological background feel just as comfortable asking questions as the students who have been in your school since kindergarten and know the catechism backward and forward.

To do this, work hard with your class to make sure they respect every question. Even if they feel that a question is very easy or don’t understand why someone doesn’t already know that content, be sure to keep answering questions and pointing to great resources!

If you notice students are hesitant to share online, consider brainstorming a few questions to get the wiki started and encourage collaboration.