Defending Creation—Unit 1

Grade 8—Unit 1

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Reference Material:
The Lutheran Study Bible


  • Acknowledge our triune God as the maker and preserver of the universe and all it contains.
  • Explain the history of human sin from Adam and Eve to the world of today and, confessing our sins, express confident trust in Jesus and rejoice in the forgiveness He came to provide.

Duration of Project:
With the research element of this project, it may take anywhere from two to three weeks, depending on how much time you set aside in class to work on it.

Pages 9–10 of TLSB have a great description of the modern errors in thinking about the creation of the world. Have students research methodological naturalism, evolution, and theistic evolution.

Once they have done this, have them write a blog post describing those theories. After they have described the different theories, have them write about the truth that is taught in Scripture. Invite students to leave feedback on one anothers’ blogs. Invite pastors and others to leave feedback as well.

It is important to understand that this truth is not accepted in the secular world. Since your students are just thirteen or fourteen years old, be sure to think about what kind of access the general public would have to these posts.  I would recommend setting the privacy so that posts may only be seen by your blog community and anyone specifically invited.

Digital Citizenship Connection:
As students are writing their blog posts, encourage them to read and comment on other classmates’ posts. This is the perfect opportunity to set standards about your expectations for online communication from the start. Here are some examples of standards to use in your expectations:

  • Students write in full sentences.
  • Students need to respond to at least two different classmates’ posts.
  • Students should keep comments positive and uplifting.
  • When students find a disagreement, they should pose that disagreement as a question rather than a direct statement.

This will be an intense project as there is a large research element. Be prepared with mini-lessons on the topics that students are researching. Check for understanding several times. These checks could be as simple as a short bell-ringer activity that you administer on Make sure your students have a solid understanding of what they are researching before they begin writing. Once students have shown a level of content proficiency, then release them to start their writing. Allow your students to pursue the mode of communication that fits them best. If that means that you have them write you a script and then they record a video for their blog, let them do that. Be sure to continue to scaffold your instruction for students as it pertains to their writing abilities.