You Shall Not Steal, Even on the Internet—Unit 8

Grade 7—Unit 8

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Reference Material:
Luther’s Small Catechism with Explanation


  • Confess our sins of stealing.
  • Rely on the forgiving grace of God, ask Him to guide us way from materialistic or jealous, covetous thoughts that often lead to breaking this commandment.
  • Demonstrate a desire to serve our God and Savior by doing what we can to help others retain, maintain, and improve what is theirs.

Duration of Project:
Including the mini-lesson, this project will take one to two weeks, depending on the feedback loops that you create in the blog posts.

This unit is truly a cross-curricular unit. In Lesson 85, we learn about the Seventh Commandment. One often overlooked area of stealing is plagiarism. Introduce the idea of plagiarism as a mini-lesson in conjunction with Lesson 85.

After going through your mini-lesson, have your students write blog posts about the different types of plagiarism that they should be aware of in their writing and creation of digital products.

Digital Citizenship Connection:
As students are writing their blog posts, encourage them to read and comment on other classmates’ posts. Here are some tips for you to use in your

  • Students write in full sentences.
  • Students need to respond to at least two different classmates’ posts.
  • Students should keep comments positive and uplifting.
  • When students find a disagreement, they should pose that disagreement as a question rather than a direct statement.

For students who struggle with writing, scaffold the activity leading up to the writing so they can digest it in smaller chunks. Have students write down what they know first, and then what they will need to learn to make their post successful. This will help give them a road map for confidence in their writing.

For students who do really well with the basic concept of this unit, consider challenging them to go out on the Internet and find examples of things that have been plagiarized. Be sure that students remove or blur any identifiable marks of who the owner of the plagiarism is while sharing. After they point out the issue, have them identify what could be done to remove the plagiarism.