The Bible—Unit 1

Grade 7—Unit 1

iMovie, WeVideo, Windows Movie Maker

Reference Material:
The Lutheran Study Bible, Faith Alive Bible


  • Appreciate that God has graciously blessed us with people and tools to help us study the Gospel message.
  • Respect, revere, and meditate on God’s Holy Word.

Duration of Project:
This project may take three to four days.

In this project, you will have your students create a how-to video for using the Bible. Lessons 6, 7, and 8 all focus on this. This video can be live, or it can be a recording of a presentation that students give.

Here are some possible ideas for students to consider as they make their how-to video:

  • Location of books in the Bible
  • Using commentary notes
  • Looking up references
  • Searching a Bible online
  • How to read the Bible

Make sure your students understand that they don’t have to cover all of these; they are just examples. They should focus on one or two different tips in their video.

You can either put students in groups or assign this as an individual project. If you assign it as an individual project, I would recommend having students work in pairs so they can have someone help film. Tell your students that the goal time for their videos should be two to three minutes.

Critical Teaching Moment:
If students are creating their film from scratch (i.e., not narrating a PowerPoint), then you will want to make sure that they have done a quick storyboard of what they are filming. For instance, they will want to know what angles they want to film from. It will be important that they think about what is the best way to show each skill. They may have to move the camera and clean up the video in their editing program.

Encourage students who may struggle with technology to film from one angle. When you encourage this, you will have to work with the student on what will make the best position for their video.

For students who struggle using their Bible, this is a great opportunity to help guide them to some areas that they struggle in. For instance, if a student is not familiar with the location of the books of the Bible, then you could challenge that student to do their project on finding the books and their location. That will encourage them to develop the skills that they are lacking.

Finally, for students who do a great job with the Bible, you could challenge them with The Lutheran Study Bible and have them reference in their video how to find information in other resources that are referenced in TLSB. Examples would be from the indexes of Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions, Luther’s Small Catechism with Explanation, and the like.