Finding Law and Gospel in Our Hymnody—Unit 6

Grade 7—Unit 6

Presentation software (such as PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides)

Reference Material:
Lutheran Service Book, The Lutheran Study Bible, Faith Alive Bible


  • Recognize music as a specific gift from God through which we offer God praise and meditate on His Word.
  • Express appreciation for the rich traditional hymnody through which we praise God for our Savior—Jesus Christ.

Duration of Project:
This project should take no longer than a week.

Lessons 67 and 68 focus on our beautiful Lutheran hymnody. We know that we find Law and Gospel in Scripture, and we find it in our hymnody as well. In this lesson, challenge your students to find a public domain hymn from Lutheran Service Book that they want to work with. Once they find that hymn, instruct them in the following:

  • Create a presentation that highlights where you find the Law and the Gospel in this hymn.
  • Voice over the presentation.
  • Turn in your recording to your teacher.
  • Share your presentation using the hashtag #CPHedu.

Critical Teaching Moment:
Students gaining an understanding of Law and Gospel is the main goal of this project. While it will be fun to work from the hymnal and use presentation software, the Law and Gospel connection is the most critical part. Make sure this is the emphasis of your teaching. As in all lessons, this is a great time to engage a pastor or elder of your church to come into your classroom and coteach with you on this subject. Being able to tackle this concept in smaller groups will empower your students to gain a deeper understanding of Law and Gospel.

For students who are not comfortable with the digital side of this project, you can offer the alternative for them to create a “slide” in a single poster. They can work with the art teacher in your building on design and layout. Once they have created this, you can have them video their presentation live.

For students who need this project extended, consider placing them into a group and challenge them to incorporate the singing of the hymn in their presentation. If you have the funds, consider getting your students access to a computer with Camtasia or ScreenFlow to create a more elegant presentation.