Vocation, Vocation, Vocation—Unit 9

Grade 6—Unit 9

Any tool (see previous lessons for ideas)

Reference Material:
Luther’s Small Catechism, The Lutheran Study Bible, Faith Alive Bible


  • Share the Good News of Jesus, through words and actions, with those around us, regardless of whether they are like us or not
  • Recognize that all our gifts of body and soul, including intelligence, are from God and not of our own doing

Duration of Project:
Because this is the choice of the students, this project has a range of time frames that could be associated with it. The types of projects that your students create will more than likely correlate with the amount of time that you give your students to complete their projects.

The last project brought up the importance of our vocations. As your students start to gain an understanding of what vocation means, it is important to keep them (as well as ourselves) grounded in the biblical truths of our vocations.

Have your students chose a vocation from the Table of Duties that they desire to hold one day. Have them create something of their choice that describes the biblical understanding of what this vocation means. Rely on the Table of Duties for our scriptural references.

During the project, bring in several people who have these vocations (pastor, hearer, husband, wife, etc.) with a strong understanding of their biblical role to help guide students in the formation of what they create.

Critical Teaching Moment:
As your students think of what their final product will look like, be sure to help guide them to one of their strengths. It will be important to have conversations with students about what they are creating. Look at their outline, script, draft, or storyboard before you let them create. Make sure that their creation is appropriate to tie in to their vocation.

See previous activities to find tips for differentiating that type of product. One thing to keep in mind will be making sure your students who need a challenge do not pick an easy-end product. Be sure to challenge them with their project.