All Scripture Points to Christ—Unit 3

Grade 6—Unit 3

Google Drive, Gliffy, any tool used to create a graphical organizer

Reference Material:
Faith Alive Bible, the “Covenant Connection” from every lesson in the Student Book


  • Students will be able to see that Christ is in the entirety of Scripture and all Scripture is God-breathed.

Duration of Project:
This project should take two to three days.

Every lesson in this grade level has a box called “Covenant Connection.” Split students up into nine groups and assign each group a lesson from the unit. Have each group create a graphic organizer for each “Covenant Connection” that ties the Old Testament to the New Testament. This could be done with pencil and paper as well.

When students are done, have them present their graphic organizer to the class.

Digital Citizenship Connection:
Because the information is already laid out for your students, you will want to stress to them the importance of typing information in their own language as best as they can. Be sure to instruct your students on the importance of copyright and how to include appropriate copyright citations.

While, on the surface, this may appear to be a simple project because the “Covenant Connection” in each chapter is already written for the students, it can be a challenge for students to write things in their own language. You will want to work very closely with students who struggle with making inferences and drawing connections.

For students who excel at this type of work, you may want to bring in your pastor to work with them on drawing their own connections. This could result in a mini-lesson in exegesis and how to read the Bible with these students.