The Third Use of the Law—Unit 8

Grade 5—Unit 8

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Reference Material:
Formula of Concord: Epitome VI, Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions, Second Edition


  • Rejoice that God in grace and mercy sent a Savior to take the punishment for our sin and its consequences of guilt and condemnation.
  • Depend on the faithfulness of God, who promises forgiveness, new life, and eternal salvation in Jesus.

Duration of Project:
This project could take five to six days in total. It can be done at the same time you are going through Unit 8.

The third use of the Law is for Christians. Or as the Formula of Concord puts it, for people “after they are regenerate.”

As we approach the end of the school year, we find a perfect time to talk about sanctification. That is, we find a perfect time to talk about the Law as the rule; how we, as Christians, are to live our lives.

Prior to announcing the project, you will need to have a lesson or two on Epitome VI of the Formula of Concord. If you do not feel confident in this material, collaborate with your parish pastor to work with you on your lesson. It is a very appropriate time in your students’ life to learn about Law and Gospel.

Deliver your lesson over Epitome VI of the Formula of Concord. Be sure to cover the context and what the writers were setting straight. Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions, Second Edition has a phenomenal introduction that will be helpful in your own personal study.

After you have taught students about Epitome VI, assign this project:

Students will create an infographic that describes the controversy, the affirmative statements, and the negative statement in kid-friendly language. Their goal will be for what they create to be understandable by a third grader.

Critical Teaching Moment:
I know what you are thinking: “This is crazy. Reading the Formula of Concord in fifth grade?” While the reading level of this text may be above some of your students’ reading ability, this project will cover a few things:

  • It will introduce your students to the Book of Concord.
  • It will point students to what the Law really means for them. It isn’t just an arbitrary set of rules. It is the Rule—God’s Rule.
  • It also points your students to the Gospel. While God demands perfection for us, we will never attain it. Christ has paid the ultimate price to forgive us of all of our sins.
  • As always, this always ties in well with the Table of Duties and the doctrine of vocation.


For almost all of your students, you will need to take your time explaining every statement. Think of studying each statement over several days. Unit 8 has ten lessons. You can strategically spread out mini-lessons over the length of the unit, if you think it is too much to focus a two-day lesson on this material. As you do your small lessons on each statement, have your students create a rough draft of what they will include in that statement for their infographic. This will allow them to spend time creating the infographic and refining their information when it is time to create.