Standing for Christ—Unit 9

Grade 5—Unit 9

Video Creation (iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, WeVideo)

Reference Material:
Table of Duties from Luther’s Small Catechism


  • Rejoice that God knows our weaknesses and calls us to receive His forgiveness and also the strength and courage that comes only from Him.
  • Determine, by the grace of God, to boldly follow Jesus in what we say and do.

Duration of Project:
This project could take up to a week.

Lessons 96, 97, and 98 ask three different questions:

  • How can I witness to my friends and the members of my family?
  • How can I witness to those who don’t care?
  • How can I witness to those who ridicule and oppose me?

After teaching the lessons, put students into groups of three or four and assign each group a different question. Have the students create a video that answers each question by creating a role play for a related scenario. Your Teacher Guide has examples for each question written in the margins of each lesson.

Critical Teaching Moment:
Be sure to have each group create a script and a storyboard before filming their video. Make them get approval to start filming with you before they are allowed to start. Give specific feedback on their scripts and storyboards. This will make sure that students have solid content for their video and will be able to be as creative as they need to be for their video.

A critical piece that you will be looking for is the students’ understanding of what you teach from Into the Lesson on page 408 of the Teacher Guide.


Be sure to balance the skill sets in each group. A great strategy in a group task is to assign different tasks to different students. It is strongly encouraged that you do not let your students select their own groups. Instead, evaluate your class and place students in balanced groups where different abilities will benefit one another.