What Do You Mean I Can’t Believe in God by Myself?—Unit 6

Grade 4—Unit 6

Infographic Tools (Easel.ly, Infogr.am, Piktochart)

Reference Material:
Luther’s Small Catechism with Explanation

Duration of Project: This project should take about two days.


  • Identify the work and blessings of the Holy Spirit.
  • Begin to form a basis for Lutheran apologetics.

A Lutheran distinctive is the view of how we come to faith in Christ. Having students be able to describe what this is and defend their position (develop their apologetic) will be a worthwhile challenge that will prepare students to encounter a diverse set of worldviews.

Using questions 154–159 in the Explanation portion of Luther’s Small Catechism, have students create an infographic that describes the work of the Holy Spirit and how we are assured of this work.

As a precursor to this lesson, you may consider curating infographic exemplars for your students to be able to reference as they create their infographics. There is a strong possibility that this will be the first time your students have created something like this.

Be sure to give a mini-lesson heading into this project on what other Christian faiths believe about sanctification and coming to faith in Christ.

Digital Citizenship Connection:
The Explanation section of Luther’s Small Catechism is under copyright. Work with your students to reword the text. Use of Scripture references is perfectly acceptable, but make sure students use their own language when creating their infographics.

Because infographics are linear in nature, students who struggle with sequence and order may have a difficult time with this activity. Be sure to identify these students and provide the appropriate scaffolding for them. If creating an infographic does not seem appropriate for struggling students, suggest they focus on creating a single image (think: presentation slide) that calls to light one point of reference in the Explanation. Students who are visual learners will find this project enjoyable and should do well. Be sure to challenge them to keep the quality of their content at the same level as the quality of their design.

For students who have a deep understanding of this topic, assign them to look deeper into another Christian faith’s belief about the topic. Then have them create an infographic that compares and contrasts the Lutheran understanding with that faith’s stance. You could also create a T-chart of a Venn diagram as well.