The Law Is the Law—Unit 2

Grade 4—Unit 2

Presentation Software: PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides

Reference Material:
Luther’s Small Catechism with Explanation

Duration of Project:
This project could take two to three days. If your students are unfamiliar with presentation software, you may need to spend some time teaching them how to use it. Consider introducing the software to students before you start Lesson 24 so they can be thinking about the project as they are going through the material.


  • Identify the Ten Commandments as God’s will for all lives.
  • Tell how Jesus came to live a sinless life in our place.
  • Express the intent to serve God and others as enabled by God’s Spirit.

Assign each student one of the Ten Commandments. During Lesson 24, spend time going over the Ten Commandments. Students will have learned about the First and Second Tables of the Law in third grade. Be sure that they have a solid understanding of each of the Ten Commandments.

Using your school’s preferred presentation software, have each student list the commandment and its What Does This Mean? section as it is written in the Small Catechism. Then have them rewrite the explanation of this commandment in their own words, thinking how they might write it if they were explaining it to a friend. When students are finished, take their creations and put them into one presentation. Print, then post them outside your classroom, or if your school has digital signage, have the student-created explanations rotate through on the sign.

Digital Citizenship Connection:
As students are creating their slides, they are more than likely going to include some digital imagery. Introduce your students to Creative Commons and what different types of licenses are used for. After you teach a mini-lesson on Creative Commons, have students use the Advanced Google Image Search to limit their results to different types of images that are licensed under CC.

For students who are more comfortable with physical art than digital art, offer the alternative for them to create a “slide” in a single poster. They can work with the art teacher in your building on design and layout. Be sure to identify students who may have trouble rewriting a statement and work with them on the meaning of their statement and how they would describe that statement themselves. Help them verbalize their thoughts out loud before putting them on “paper” (in the computer).

For students who need the activity extended, partner with your pastor or another church worker to do a lesson on a specific commandment in the Large Catechism. After going through the LC explanations, students can record themselves pretending to be Luther teaching a class on that commandment.