Sharing Your Faith—Unit 9

Grade 4—Unit 9

KidBlog, Blogger, Discussion Board in your LMS

Reference Material:
Faith Alive Bible

Duration of Project:
This project will take you one to two weeks.


  • Share the Good News with others through words and actions whenever opportunities present themselves.

Go through Lessons 103–104 with your class. While Philip was sent to evangelize, we know we are sent to evangelize through our vocations in the world (Table of Duties). Have students write blog posts addressing the following questions:

  • What are some times you could have shared your faith, but didn’t?
  • What is scary in those situations?
  • What confidence do we have to share what we believe?

Work on getting students to realize that we have full confidence in what Christ has done for us on the cross and in His resurrection. Continue to drive home these two points: (1) we are called to live out our faith in our vocations, and (2) we should have confidence in Christ crucified when we do share our faith with others.

Digital Citizenship Connection:
As students write their blog posts, encourage them to read and comment on other classmates’ posts. Here are some tips for you to use in your expectations:

  • Students write in full sentences.
  • Students need to respond to at least two different classmates’ posts.
  • Students should keep comments positive and uplifting.
  • When students find something they disagree with, encourage them to pose that disagreement as a question rather than as a direct statement.

This project will present specific challenges for your students—one will be writing. Be sure to offer prompts for those students who struggle with writing to more clearly define each little task you want them to cover.

As an alternative activity, you might offer students the option to create a video blog with the webcam on their device. Just have them turn it on and record their answer to the prompt. Some of your students may feel more comfortable sharing their faith in this medium over writing. You will still have these students post the video to their blog. Don’t have them edit the video, just let the video be a shot of them talking.