Keep Strong in the Faith—Unit 5

Grade 4—Unit 5

iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, WeVideo

Reference Material:
Faith Alive Bible: Daniel 3, 6

Duration of Project:
This project could take anywhere between two and eight days, depending on how much you integrate into Lessons 53–56.


  • Express trust in God to forgive and renew us for Jesus’ sake.

Use this project in correlation with Lessons 53–56. Have students create a mock news interview with either:

  • Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego
  • Daniel

Using current event information, have the reporter guide the questions in the interview to get encouragement out of the interviewee (someone from the list above) for present-day persecuted Christians in the Middle East. Curate a list of news articles and video to give students background information on these current events. This will also allow you to censor for age-appropriate material. Make sure that students understand that their message needs to be cross-centered, and speak of the confidence we have in the victory Christ as already won for us!

Critical Teaching Moment:
When you do your first video project with students, they will be mainly interested in how creative they can be with the video, and the content will suffer. If you put too many restrictions on kids, their creativity will suffer, and though content will be done well, students will not exhibit the same type of passion you are looking for.

To combat this, have students create a storyboard that requires your approval before they are allowed to start filming their interview. By having students map out what they want to do, you will make sure both content and creativity are given bearing in their video.

Be sure to identify students who struggle with both comprehension and writing, and spend time with them 1:1 making sure they stay on the right track. Engage students who sometimes find themselves off task to use their strengths in their group’s project.

If your class is up to it, upload your students’ presentations to YouTube. Be sure to tweet about them with #OICtech and #LuthEd.