Summer Reading for Teachers

Lisa Krenz The Lutheran Educator

Ahhh, summertime and the living is easy . . . right? No, not really. Just because it’s June or July doesn’t mean teachers stop thinking about teaching. Most of the teachers I know spend their summers preparing for the year to come. Sometimes that means taking courses to fulfill requirements for state certifications or advanced degrees, attending week-long workshops in …

Thank you, Lutheran teacher, for changing lives.

Sarah Maney The Lutheran Educator

As summer quickly approaches, you’re probably thinking about the year in review—or perhaps you’re simply looking forward to a relaxing summer. Either way, you’ve just spent a year putting your absolute all into teaching your kids, communicating with families, and preparing them for the future. And, as a Lutheran teacher, you know that just because the year has ended, your prayerful …

The Genius of Luther’s Small Catechism

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The year 1529 represents a landmark moment in the history of religious instruction. In that year, Luther’s Small Catechism was first released, inspired by Martin Luther’s assessment and concern of doctrinal knowledge at the time. As he, Melanchthon, and others surveyed the state of churches and schools, they found pastors largely uninformed and entire congregations steeped in superstition and ignorance …


Grading Rubrics in Your Classroom: Benefits, Downsides, and Tips

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Those of us in education often struggle with competing values. There are realities to consider, such as the fact that some teachers are working with large class sizes and schedules that make it hard to devote significant time to each piece of student work. From this perspective, we look for assessment strategies that decrease grading time and increase efficiency for the teacher. …


The Busy Teacher’s Guide to Giving Ample Feedback

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Out of decades of research about what does and doesn’t work in education, only a small number of ideas are almost universally accepted. Feedback is one of them. We need feedback to learn, and this is true in and out of the classroom. Sometimes the feedback is subtle or so integrated into the experience that we don’t recognize it, but it …

Three Uses of Portfolios in the Lutheran School and Classroom

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Last year I had the joy of working with a group of colleagues on a task force about portfolios in education, especially as we are finding that different groups at the university use different software packages. While our task was largely focused on providing advice on policy and practice in reviewing and selecting portfolio software options, we also took the time …


Checkups and Autopsies in the Classroom

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I think you will agree that checkups and autopsies are two completely different things. They serve different purposes. They meet different needs. You might be wondering what in the world I’m writing here, but stay with me and I’ll explain the important lesson we can glean from this. The first is all about determining a person’s health and then responding …

faith questions

The Dinosaur Box and Student Faith Questions

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During my first year as a teacher, I had the joy of working with seventh and eighth graders. One of the things I most enjoyed about teaching this age was their wonderful curiosity. I’ve taught students from middle school all the way through graduate school, and I still find that middle school students ask some of the most interesting questions. …