Choosing Your Homeschooling Style

Cheryl Magness The Homeschooling Educator 3 Comments

If only homeschooling were like a Harry Potter novel. Having made the choice to school at home, we would put on the sorting hat and immediately discover our educational style: classical, Charlotte Mason, unit-based, online, unschooling . . . the list could go on. After charting our path, we would shop for the perfect curriculum. There would be no nagging doubts about whether …


A Day in the Life of a Homeschooling Educator

Sarah Koehneke The Homeschooling Educator 13 Comments

This article is intended to be descriptive of one type of homeschooling. There are hundreds of different ways to homeschool and there is not one prescription for any family. Homeschool is life together—exploring the good, true, and beautiful of God’s creation and order. Trust me, we do thrive with order. Routine helps my family work together most joyfully and efficiently. Savoring …