How to Use the Explanation in a Variety of Parish Settings

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The Versatile Small Catechism with Explanation In the last post, I laid out some implications of the new edition of the Small Catechism with Explanation for teaching in the parish. With that in mind, I’ve brainstormed some ways that you or any faith leader in a congregation can use the Small Catechism in different settings in teaching in the parish. …

Implications of the New Explanation for the Parish

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What the Explanation Does The new edition of Luther’s Small Catechism with Explanation is almost here. For some, this is exciting news, filled with great potential. For most, though, I’d guess it’s not quite such a big deal. “Isn’t the catechism something pastors use for confirmation?” they might ask. “What does that have to do with me?” Well, let’s begin …

learning focus

Direct the Learning Focus: The Mechanics of Teaching and Learning (Part 3)

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ver the last two posts, I have been trying to explain in simple terms what I’ve personally found most useful in my pursuit of teaching and learning. This post is intended to shed some light on where teaching and learning begin: with directing the learning focus. My prayer is that you’ll find refreshment in your ministry as you engage in the process …


Using My Very First Holy Bible as a Household Devotional

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nyone with a young family understands the challenge of finding solid devotional material for the whole household. There are lots of fantastic options out there; don’t get me wrong. Personally, though, I struggled to find one that would work okay with my kids, who are in preschool and lower elementary school. Then, oddly enough, I found that it was right …

Bible Stories

5 Reasons Adults Should Learn Bible Stories

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ible stories are unfortunately usually seen as the stuff of Sunday School, picture Bibles, and children’s messages. It’s true. A general bias I’ve seen from adults in the parish is that Bible stories are cute and may be good for teaching morality lessons, but they’re not all that relevant to us today. We say that Bible stories, much like fairy …