Recharge! Reflect! Reconnect!

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It’s summertime! And while that provides a great time to rest before another school year begins, there are ways to be intentional to use this downtime to its best potential. Recharge Think about how you can recharge emotionally, physically, and spiritually this summer. For some of you, that may include reading, cooking, gardening, devotional reading, exercising, or taking a vacation. …

Teaching in Early Childhood: Not Excited to Go Back to School? Four Ideas to Help Get You There

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August is just around the corner. Where are you? Still savoring the smells from your backyard grill? Still soaking up the sun at the pool or beach? What? You’re not already back in the classroom, inhaling a new box of Crayolas and basking in the fluorescent glow? Don’t panic if your heart’s not in it yet or if you’re afraid …

The Importance of Name Recognition

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A child’s recognition of letters and knowledge of letter names and letter-sound correspondence is a fundamental feature of instruction in early learning environments. Studies prove that children’s knowledge of letter names and sounds is the best predictor of their later reading and spelling abilities. What is a powerful way to motivate children to identify letters? Use their names! Names are …