Over and Over and Over Again

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Over and over and over again. Doesn’t that seem like the story of school and church? We do all kinds of things over and over again. We value everyday routines and rituals. A very old adage in teaching is that the key to learning is repetition, repetition, repetition. And yet, when carried to the extreme, repetitive behaviors become a stumbling …

Autism in Lutheran Schools?

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Autism in Lutheran schools? Yep, it happens all the time. You might think that just because you work in a Lutheran school, you’ll never encounter a child with autism. Then you might be mistaken. Remember how we talked about something called the autism spectrum? Included in that spectrum is a very broad range of abilities and behaviors. Many students who …


Autism and the Church—what does this mean?

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Autism and the Church—what does this mean? April is Autism Awareness Month, so there have been all kinds of posts on social media and elsewhere on this topic. There was a time not so very long ago when the term autism brought to mind a child or adult who was not aware of the “real” world; who had bizarre, uncontrollable …

A Letter to My Young Teaching Self

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I read a recent blog post by Bernard Bull that inspired me to write my own similar post. He wrote a letter to his eighteen-year-old self about his learning and education.  It made me think about what I would say if I were to write a letter to my younger twenty-something teaching self. I started teaching promptly after I graduated …

life skills

Unexpected Life Skills

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Critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, communication. These are the skills identified as most important for new hires in the current job market in an article titled “What Skills Do Students Really Need for a Global Economy?” in the December 2016/January 2017 issue of Educational Leadership. You might not think of these types of skills first when it comes to students …

Sports and Students with Special Needs

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Sports are a big part of many of our Lutheran schools. Often when we think of sports and kids with special needs, we think of wheelchair sports, the Paralympic Games, or Special Olympics. While these are all wonderful programs, they are more typically designed for athletes with physical or cognitive disabilities that prevent them from competing with their nondisabled peers. …


Connecting with Parents

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Parents are scary, especially when you’re a new teacher. Even if you are a veteran teacher who is also a parent, dealing with parents can be intimidating. Thanks to our inherent sinful nature, the parent-teacher relationship can be fraught with judgments and unmet expectations from both sides. When children have special needs or are struggling in some way, these parent-teacher waters …

sunday school isn't day school

Sunday School Isn’t Day School

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Sunday School mirrors day school in many ways. In the first place, it’s called school. Second, it’s usually held in a classroom with a group of children and a teacher. Sometimes, it’s in the very same classrooms that are used during the week for day school. Most often, the children are grouped by age or grade, just as they are …


HELP! There’s no special education teacher on my staff, BUT I have kids with special needs in my class!

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You just graduated from an esteemed Lutheran college (or maybe some other fine institution of higher learning). You were so excited to get your first call (or contract) to this great school in a far-off land (or maybe just far from your own familiar territory). You’ve spent the summer planning projects and bulletin boards, making things for your classroom, and …