Embrace the Fall Freshness

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If you coach a fall sport, you have a terrific advantage: in general, you are coaching kids who are mentally and physically fresh. Most student-athletes have enjoyed a leisurely summer vacation or mundane work schedule for several weeks, and they are now secretly pining to get back to school (the social part at least—not the homework part). They want to see their friends and teammates, and they are probably more likely to listen to instruction once the season starts. After practicing and training during the summer months, they’re anxious to show off their new skills. They’re ready to take on the new year.

First Look: One Team, One Spirit

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One Team, One Spirit is a substantive Christian devotional book for coaches that will nurture the reader on both the secular side of athletics and the faith side of life. As many adults coach multiple sports, or simply enjoy each sport season throughout a typical school year, this book is broken up into three seasons—fall, winter, and spring. Within each …