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Direct the Learning Focus: The Mechanics of Teaching and Learning (Part 3)

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ver the last two posts, I have been trying to explain in simple terms what I’ve personally found most useful in my pursuit of teaching and learning. This post is intended to shed some light on where teaching and learning begin: with directing the learning focus. My prayer is that you’ll find refreshment in your ministry as you engage in the process …

Autism in Lutheran Schools?

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Autism in Lutheran schools? Yep, it happens all the time. You might think that just because you work in a Lutheran school, you’ll never encounter a child with autism. Then you might be mistaken. Remember how we talked about something called the autism spectrum? Included in that spectrum is a very broad range of abilities and behaviors. Many students who …


Teaching the Truth in our Hymns

Joe Willmann Teaching the Faith at Home 22 Comments

or a minute, let me engage in a little thought experiment with you. Complete the following phrases from some popular songs from yesteryear: Don’t go chasing __________________. I heard it through the __________________. Bye, bye Miss _____________________. And I would walk __________________, and I would walk ____________________. I’ll give you a moment . . . Are you done yet? Now …


An Easter without a Crucifixion?

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hat a joy Holy Week was as we broke the fast from alleluias. The resurrection was proclaimed in churches all across the world: He is risen! He is risen indeed, alleluia! As we traveled from Palm Sunday to Maundy Thursday to Good Friday to the Great Vigil and finally to the great feast, The Resurrection of Our Lord, we were …


Autism and the Church—what does this mean?

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Autism and the Church—what does this mean? April is Autism Awareness Month, so there have been all kinds of posts on social media and elsewhere on this topic. There was a time not so very long ago when the term autism brought to mind a child or adult who was not aware of the “real” world; who had bizarre, uncontrollable …


The Beauty of the Sung Word

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hen it comes to spending time in God’s Word with your family, there are few things more joyful than joining each other in song, especially in the historic hymns of the faith. These songs and canticles allow us to focus on the truths that Scripture proclaims. They also do an amazing job of teaching our children. I don’t know what …


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am currently reading a book by Dr. Anthony Esolen titled Out of the Ashes: Rebuilding American Culture. In reading the first chapter, “Giving Things Their Proper Names: The Restoration of Truth-Telling,” I was brought to a point of self-reflection. To use an analogy, this was almost a second-use-of-the-Law moment. As Lutherans, we would say the Law has three uses, the curb, the …

Faith and Personalized Learning

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While I write for this blog and teach online for Concordia University Wisconsin, my day job is held at Lutheran High School, Parker, Colorado. One of my passions in education is being an advocate for personalized learning within schools. To that end, I am the Director of Lights Academy at Lutheran High School, an accelerated, project-based, personalized learning experience at …

Update to Luther’s Small Catechism in Tinycards!

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ast year, Concordia Publishing House released Luther’s Small Catechism flash cards in the digital learning system Tinycards by Duolingo. The app has great features to help you learn the text of the Small Catechism by heart. The only downside was that Tinycards was only available if you had an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. But that has now changed. Tinycards has …