What’s in a Name?

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What do you want your learners to call you? Is it Mrs., Mr., or Miss something? Professor or Doctor? What about outside of class?

Maybe the better question is to ask why it matters. Yes, your title as a teacher is your preference. It may be about your image or the tone you want to set. At its heart, though, titles are about something much bigger. They’re about order and honor.

Whom Do You Trust?

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Whom do you trust?

It seems like a silly question, but in fact it’s pretty deep. We may say we trust someone, but do we really? If you need to step out of your room for a minute, and you tell your class, “I trust you’ll behave while I’m gone,” do you really mean it? Maybe so, but probably not. This sort of trust is a kind of hope—as in, “I hope you won’t destroy this room while I’m gone.”

Embrace the Fall Freshness

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If you coach a fall sport, you have a terrific advantage: in general, you are coaching kids who are mentally and physically fresh. Most student-athletes have enjoyed a leisurely summer vacation or mundane work schedule for several weeks, and they are now secretly pining to get back to school (the social part at least—not the homework part). They want to see their friends and teammates, and they are probably more likely to listen to instruction once the season starts. After practicing and training during the summer months, they’re anxious to show off their new skills. They’re ready to take on the new year.

What Do You Love?

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What do you love about teaching?

Really, what do you love? What gets you excited about getting ready for the new school year? Maybe it’s reconnecting with fellow teachers, students, or parents. Maybe it’s the subject matter. Maybe it’s the smiles or the aha moments.

What Do You Fear?

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What do you fear?

Are you kidding me, you ask? What kind of question is that? It’s the beginning of the school year! There’s plenty to fear. How about not getting planning done on time? What about the group dynamic of your class? How is “that kid” going to do? What about parents and their concerns? Then there’s other small considerations to fear, such as paying the bills, commuting in bad weather, and extracurricular stuff. Okay, I get it. There’s plenty to fear going into this school year.

Here We Go

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It’s the beginning of another school year. Maybe you’re ready; maybe you’re faking it. Regardless, it’s here. Maybe you’ve been through this before; maybe you’re new to the rodeo. Now’s your time. Soon the students will start streaming in. Soon you’ll be handing out the books and laying down classroom procedures.


Choosing Your Homeschooling Style

Cheryl Magness The Homeschooling Educator 3 Comments

If only homeschooling were like a Harry Potter novel. Having made the choice to school at home, we would put on the sorting hat and immediately discover our educational style: classical, Charlotte Mason, unit-based, online, unschooling . . . the list could go on. After charting our path, we would shop for the perfect curriculum. There would be no nagging doubts about whether …


Recharge! Reflect! Reconnect!

Melissa Smith Teaching in Early Childhood 2 Comments

It’s summertime! And while that provides a great time to rest before another school year begins, there are ways to be intentional to use this downtime to its best potential. Recharge Think about how you can recharge emotionally, physically, and spiritually this summer. For some of you, that may include reading, cooking, gardening, devotional reading, exercising, or taking a vacation. …

First Look: One Team, One Spirit

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One Team, One Spirit is a substantive Christian devotional book for coaches that will nurture the reader on both the secular side of athletics and the faith side of life. As many adults coach multiple sports, or simply enjoy each sport season throughout a typical school year, this book is broken up into three seasons—fall, winter, and spring. Within each …