Catechesis in the Home School

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What does a Lutheran education look like? That question has as many answers as there are Lutherans.

The one thing that should tie them all together, however, is the presence of Lutheran catechesis. Whether our children attend a public, private, parochial or home school, we as parents have the primary responsibility for bringing them up in the faith. We may seek and receive assistance along the way from teachers, pastors, godparents and others, but ultimately the handing down of the faith begins with us.


Choosing Your Homeschooling Style

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If only homeschooling were like a Harry Potter novel. Having made the choice to school at home, we would put on the sorting hat and immediately discover our educational style: classical, Charlotte Mason, unit-based, online, unschooling . . . the list could go on. After charting our path, we would shop for the perfect curriculum. There would be no nagging doubts about whether …